Cheeses from Trentino 

Primiero Fresco is produced in the valley that bears the same name, at the feet of the dolomite mountain range Pale di S. Martino. Its ageing time lasts from 2 to 8 months, during which it is weekly washed in lukewarm water with salt. This particular treatment gives the cheese its typical, strong aromas.

Primiero Stagionato has a longer maturation time, from 8 to 12 months during which the rind is continuously washed. At the end of this process we obtain a semi-hard cheese with semi-cooked paste that features an intense, sharp and yet never spicy flavour.

Formae Val di Fiemme, made from raw milk, is a cheese that at the end of ageing period reaches quite unique characteristics.
In the event of the World Championship of Nordic Skiing, a special packaging of Formae Val di Fiemme was designed in order to celebrate this wonderful sports activity.

Caprino Cavalese, that stands out for its rich, sharp taste, comes from an old tradition of our lands. It is a cheese with white, compact paste, sparse eye-holes, made only from milk of goats bred in the Cavalese lands.