Shipments and returns

Your pack shipment

The delicate nature of food products requires special care in their packaging and in their delivery. The food products, packaged in a protected atmosphere to help preserve them, are packed in insulated boxes and refrigerated with ice to allow optimum storage of food for a few days. To allow delivery of the package in a short time, the shipments are made by express courier only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, allowing the delivery by the end of the week and avoiding that the package remains stored in non-favorable conditions for the preservation of products food. Orders placed in the second half of the week will then be processed the next week, to allow the delivery of the product in the best conditions.

Shipping costs are of 10 € for orders of less than 1kg, 7€ for orders of less than 3kg and 5€ for orders of weight higher than 3kg.

We ship only within Italy.