Mezzano Trentino
Mezzano Trentino

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Price: 25€/kg

Mezzano Trentino

The High Mountain Mezzano Trentino is so called because it is made in the daries of Fiemme and Primiero valleys at an altitude around 1000 m. It is a savoury, tasty table cheese also thanks to the ageing time that lasts from 4 to 8 months.

Characteristics of product: a cheese with compact texture, evenly spread eye-holes, it comes from the farms of Fiemme and Primiero valleys.
Storage: wheels to be stored in conditioned premises.
Ingredients: raw milk, salt, rennet. No additives and preservatives.
Formats and sizes: whole wheels by 9/10 kg to be sold at the cheese cutting counter. The half and quarter wheel formats are mainly made for catering.


Mezzano is a high mountain cheese and short maturing, tasty and savory. It is particularly good with pears, better if not too mature. Tasting pears and Mezzano together, the difference in consistency and the freshness of the pear is pleasant.