Casolét Val di Sole
Casolét Val di Sole

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Casolét Val di Sole

In the past Casolét Val di Sole used to be produced in autumn as a provision for winter time. If once it was a common household cheese, it has become quite a rarity today. It is mostly consumed fresh. The variety that is produced from raw milk is protected by the Slow Food organization.

Characteristics of product: a soft cheese, its paste inside is white or light straw-yellow, with no or sparse eye-holes.
Storage: in refrigerator at a temperature from 4°C to 10°C.
Ingredients: thermalized milk, salt, rennet. No additives or preservatives.


Sweet and delicate cheese, the Casolét Val di Sole can be consumed at the end of the meal instead of dessert, well accompanied by a glass of white wine.